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Voltaire Basic Facial - 30 mins, $40.00
The Voltaire Basic Facial begins with a double cleansing; then we analyze your skin condition to suggest further treatments that apply to your skin. We exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin and blemishes; then we apply a final moisturizer your skin.

European Facial - 1 hr, $70.00
Enjoy our European Facial with a custom skin cleansing analysis that exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. Then we give you a Swedish massage to stimulate blood circulation in the neck and shoulders using the decote' technique, soothing your skin and promoting total relaxation. A final skin mask and moisturizer are applied to make your skin feel smooth, soft and radiant.

Relaxing Facial

Facial Mask

Acne Facial - 1 hr & 15min, $85.00
Our Acne Facial begins with a skin cleansing customized to fit your needs. We then use an enzyme application to remove dead cells and oil blockages. This softens follicles to remove blackheads and pimples. Our special oil control serum is applied with a penetrating mask to eliminate future breakouts. A final light moisturizer is applied to gently soothe your skin.

Aromatherapy Facial - 1 hrs, $80.00
Our aromatherapy facial begins with a Purifying Botanical Mixer to soothe and calm the skin. We then apply an exfoliant suitable to your skin to eliminate impurities and apply essential oil customized massage cream for the face to promote youthful looking skin. Next, we apply a mask to further accentuate your beauty and soften the skin. The aromatherapy facial finishes with a neck, shoulder and hand massage to release tension and a light moisturizer is applied.

Anti-Aging Facial - 1 hr & 30 mins, $135.00
If you are concerned about aging skin, this treatment is for you! The Anti-Aging Facial begins with a milky, soothing anti-aging cleanser, followed by a skin analysis to determine what your skin condition is. Then, an exfoliant suitable for your skin is applied with an anti-aging serum to reduce fine lines. We then proceed with a stimulating acupressure massage to stimulate blood flow and energize skin cells. A multivitamin serum and mask is then applied to enhance beauty and stimulate collagen growth. The Anti-Aging Facial finishes with a fine line sealing moisturizer to help rejuvenate skin and leaves a radiant glow to the skin.

Applying Mask