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Swedish Massage
30 mins - $45.00 • 1 hr - $75.00 • 90 mins - $100.00

Relieve the stress in your life and your much-needed relaxation!  Swedish massage therapy is soothing and helps promote blood circulation.  The Swedish massage will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Deep Tissue
30 mins - $50.00 • 1 hr - $85.00 • 90 mins - $110.00

Do you have problems with pain in your body, neck, shoulders, hips or legs?  Address these issues immediately with deep tissue massage.  Deep tissue and therapeutic massage will help you feel a difference, even after your first session.  Our knowledgeable trained therapists will help you to alleviate your pain knots and muscle spasms so that you can enjoy being pain-free.

Man Getting a Massage


30 mins - $45.00 • 1hr - $75.00 • 90 mins - $100.00

Reflexology is a procedure using pressure on reflex zones. This improves healing and natural well being. Using reflexology on hands and feet as well as on the face will help promote circulation, reduce tension build up, and alleviate headaches as well as sinus pressure. It is one of the most popular treatments today, and it can be included with a full body massage with 30 minutes of reflexology for the best outcome.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy
30 mins - $55.00 • 1hrs - $100.00 • 90 mins - $120.00

Hot Stone Massage Therapy is a great form of ancient healing.  It helps to soothe aching muscles and give you a feeling of relaxation.  Hot Stone Massage Therapy is great for any type of pain relief.  Give it a try! You will be glad you did.

Hot Stone Therapy